Optimize Data Center Workload Performance with Intel® Select Solutions

By Peter Krass, CRN Editor

Serving data-center customers hasn’t been easy. Your customers have high-priority workloads they need to have configured and optimized for fast deployment and optimal performance across the spectrum of data-center uses.

Intel® Select Solutions makes serving these data-center customers a whole lot easier. This Intel program currently offers more than a dozen workload-optimized hardware configurations from third parties, all verified and tested by Intel.

Options Galore

The workloads covered include cloud, analytics, storage, network and high performance computing (HPC). They run on platforms that include Microsoft* SQL Server, VMware* vSAN and NFVi on Ubuntu* Linux. In other words, the workloads your data-center customers need and want.

You’ll also find many OEM suppliers your customers know and respect. That includes Advantec, HPE, Huawei, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Supermicro.

Most of the solutions are available in two versions. First, a base edition that’s offers the best price/performance. And second, a “plus” edition that delivers more performance and horsepower. This lets you serve cost-conscious customers as easily as you do those who need maxed-out performance.

And the program is available to not only resellers, but also solution builders, distributors and other value-adding channel partners.

Easy Steps, Fast Deployment

Getting started with Intel Select Solutions is easy. Find a solution for your customer’s workload. Then either fire off an email to intelselectpartner-getstarted@intel.com or get in touch directly with your Intel field representative.

You will get a welcome letter that lists all the available solutions and includes a license for you to sign. That will give you access to the reference documents, which are essentially “recipes” for building the solutions.

You then have three options. You can build the solution according to the recipe, then self-verify it against benchmarks, then submit the results to Intel. Once approved, you can sell the solution under your own brand. Or you can simply resell another vendor’s verified solution as is. Finally, you can extend the solution for a specialized workload by adding your own vertical-market software.

You will also receive a two-page solution brief from Intel. This is a handout you can use for marketing and sales.

Intel will also send you an installation guide that will help you or your customer install the solution and get it running.

Get your Questions Answered

Want to learn more about how Intel Select Solutions can provide your customers with a fast path to data-center modernization and also accelerate your time to market? Then mark your calendar for Nov. 1 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET.

That’s when Tech Provider Zone will sponsor a social chat for tech providers. Our guest speakers will be:

> Chris Peters, Director of Solutions Marketing, Intel

> Balaji Iyer, Solutions Strategist, Intel

In addition, Peter Krass, editor of Tech Provider Zone, will moderate. To start the chat, Chris and Balaji will give a short presentation on Intel Select Solutions. Then they will stand by to answer your tech-provider questions.

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