Arria® V GX FPGA

Arria® V GX and GT FPGAs offer the lowest total power for mid-range applications by using the 28 nm low power process to deliver the lowest static power, offering the lowest power transceivers for speeds up to 10.3125 Gbps, and providing superior fabric with hard IP designed to lower dynamic power.

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Arria® V GX FPGA

FPGA Arria® V GX

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Product table: Arria® V GX FPGA

Nome prodotto
Data di lancio
Elementi logici (LE)
Blocchi di elaborazione del segnale digitale (DSP)
Memoria massima integrata
Opzioni di pacchetto
Arria® V 5AGXA7 FPGA Launched 2011 242000 800 15.108 Mb F672, F896, F1152
Arria® V 5AGXB1 FPGA Launched 2011 300000 920 16.952 Mb F896, F1152, F1517
Arria® V 5AGXA1 FPGA Launched 2011 75000 240 8.463 Mb F672, F896
Arria® V 5AGXA3 FPGA Launched 2011 156000 396 11.471 Mb F672, F896
Arria® V 5AGXB3 FPGA Launched 2011 362000 1045 19.358 Mb F896, F1152, F1517
Arria® V 5AGXB7 FPGA Launched 2011 504000 1156 27.046 Gb F1152, F1517
Arria® V 5AGXA5 FPGA Launched 2011 190000 600 12.973 Mb F672, F896, F1152
Arria® V 5AGXB5 FPGA Launched 2011 420000 1092 23.072 Gb F1152, F1517