Creating Smarter Cities with Current by GE CityIQ*

Together, Intel and GE are providing an integrated, modular solution that improves city residents’ quality of life, optimizes city finances and accelerates city growth by attracting new residents and businesses.

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The Current by GE CityIQ* Solution

Powered by Intel® IoT technology, the Current by GE CityIQ* solution collects valuable information about the city environment to improve public safety, enhance convenience and offer new services to improve livability. Cities can quickly and easily install the Current by GE CityIQ solution on streetlight poles for ubiquitous coverage with a high return on investment.

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Revolutionizing Urban Data Processing

City planners know that in the urban environments of the future, connectivity will be the defining factor for efficiency, security, and growth. The cityscape itself will be harnessed to generate valuable data — a light fixture won’t simply be a light fixture, but a gateway to understanding the pulse of city life and moving towards safer, cleaner, and more efficient city processes.

Cities are looking for cost-effective and secure ways to boost connectivity and make the promise of the smart city a reality today. Intel and GE deliver on this promise with the Current by GE CityIQ solution.

The Right Technology

The Right Technology

The Current by GE CityIQ solution, powered by GE is built on Intel® technology and provides a universal intelligent node that can be installed on any streetlight pole. These intelligent nodes can instantly see, hear, feel, and talk using optical sensors, acoustic sensors, and environmental sensors that collect temperature, pressure, humidity, vibration, noise, lighting, and compass data. Intel® technology provides the advanced processing and edge analytics needed for these compute-intensive functions.

A Range of Applications

A Range of Applications

The Current by GE CityIQ solution delivers across multiple use cases with direct benefits to a range of city departments:

  • Public Safety: Computer vision ready cameras capture information that can be fed to local police and fire departments for short-term response, long-term planning, and evidence-based investigation.
  • Traffic Flow Monitoring: Computer vision analytics capture traffic data which is then transmitted and used to reroute and reduce the traffic congestion in a specific area.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Smart sensors capture micro-level environmental data that can be used to inform city decisions on green and sustainability initiatives.

Flexible and Adaptable

Flexible and Adaptable

CityIQ is a multi-application horizontal platform that can be modified and built upon over time to meet the needs of each urban environment.

The data is fed into the GE Predix* IoT Platform and presented via CityIQ APIs — an open and secured platform that allows developers to write apps to solve various city challenges across departments.

As the needs of the city change and evolve, CityIQ can not only adapt and offer new solutions, but also can receive over-the-air analytics upgrades, connect to neighboring devices, and perform multi-sensor fusion — all over a secure cloud connection.

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