HTML5 Enables Rapid Cross-Platform App Development

HTML5 Enables Rapid Cross-Platform App Development

HTML5 Enables Rapid Cross-Platform App Development

Intel and SAP are using HTML5 to efficiently bring SAP Business ByDesign* apps to multiple platforms. Developing apps in HTML5 enables organizations like SAP to build apps once and port them to new platforms with minimal engineering, time, and cost. HTML5 provides a powerful, ubiquitously used language for app development, which is why both Intel and SAP are strong supporters of the language. ...

SAP provides an HTML5 SDK, SAPUI5, to give developers a client-side HTML5 rendering library. Intel also provides a number of tools to help developers code, debug, test, and build both HTML5 web apps and hybrid HTML5 apps. One of these tools is Intel® XDK, a comprehensive, cross-platform development environment for building hybrid HTML5 apps, and it runs on Linux*, Windows*, and Apple OS X* operating systems. Intel also sponsors the Crosswalk Project*, an open-source web runtime designed to help Android developers avoid the device fragmentation that can arise when developing apps for Android* devices, even when using a cross-platform language like HTML5.

By using HTML5, SAP was able to reduce the time to port its SAP Project Cockpit* app from running on Apple iOS to Windows 8.1 from weeks to just 10 developer-days. As a result of this initial proof of concept, SAP is building all future SAP Business ByDesign apps in HTML5. Better app-development practices, like developing apps in languages that can cross platforms, holds enormous promise for helping employees be productive wherever they work and on whatever device they choose.

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