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Mature Modem for HSPA Smartphones

The Intel® XMM™ 6160 slim modem platform combines the Intel® X-GOLD™ 616 analog and digital baseband with the Intel® SMARTi™ UE transceiver and the Intel® Comneon protocol stack. This self-contained cellular modem is capable of interfacing with application processors and host systems. Thanks to its flexible architecture, the platform supports designs up to quad-band HSPA, making it a popular choice for cellular smartphones.

Stable HSPA Market
HSPA technology is migrating from the high end to the mass market, bringing its share of the total mobile phone market to almost a quarter.

Key features
• 4-band Intel® EDGE
• 4-band HSPA
• HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
• HSUPA 5.7 Mbps
• Mature platform
• Intel X-GOLD™ 616 baseband solution
• Intel SMARTi™ UE transceiver
• Intel Comneon protocol stack
• Pre-certified
• Global operator approval

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