Intel® XMM’ 1160/1180

Intel® XMM™ 1160/1180 brief

Low-cost GPRS single-chip solution for mobile Internet browsing and messaging

The Intel® XMM™ 1160/1180 series is based on single-chip, 65 nm CMOS technology integrating a baseband, RF transceiver, power-management unit, and FM radio. It sets a new industry standard for system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs, bringing advanced capabilities to the low-cost segm...ent. The integration of FM radio, a high-performance ARM* 11 processor, and GPRS functionality enable features such as Internet browsing (WAP, xHTML), music and video, camera functionality, FM radio broadcasting, and messaging (MMS, IM, smart text input, e-mail) to be incorporated in products for the low-cost market. Thanks to the single-chip design, these functions can be realized on a very small PCB area, giving handset manufacturers a high degree of design flexibility.

The powerful CPU and multimedia features of Intel XMM™ 1160/1180 bring an outstanding user experience and multimedia capabilities to the low-cost GPRS segment.

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