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Home Servers: Stream Music, Pictures, and Videos

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Home Servers: Stream Music, Pictures, and Videos
I’m a big music guy,” admits Victor Becerra when explaining why he wanted an Intel® processor-based HP MediaSmart Home Server*. He likes to have all of his music in one place so he can pump it throughout the house or listen to it when he’s on the go. That’s probably “the best” feature of the Home Server.
And it’s changed the character of family gatherings, where he uses the Home Server to stream music and videos to any one of the seven computers and Xbox 360* game systems, or for sharing photo slideshows. In his own words, Victor explains his experience like this:
Everything Digital in One Safe Place
“I have consolidated all of my pictures, music, videos, and files in one location and made them accessible from any of the seven computers in my home.”
One Music Library
“I’m a big music guy. One of the biggest features that I like is that I am able to have all of my music in one location.”
Streaming All Around
“The server has a media streamer feature that allows me to stream music, videos, or picture slideshows from any computer with an Internet connection.”
“You know when family and friends come over, the house is just ‘rocking’ for lack of a better word. I have people requesting music and even dancing in some cases, and it is all music that is streaming from the Home Server.”
“Home videos and recorded movies are frequently played back from any of the computers in my home or any of the Xboxes.”

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