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Intel® Technology Story: Robotic Rides Designed for Thrills

Embedded Intel processors provide intelligent performance for the KUKA Robocoaster*, the robotic ride sensation that thrills theme park visitors with 1.4 million possible motion sequences on six rotational axes.

Intel® Technology Story: Robotic Rides Designed for Thrills

Industrial robots are those “behind-the-scene” heroes whose work mostly goes unnoticed. Day-to-day, they’re used to package, paint, drill, stitch, weld, test, trim, inspect, load, unload, assemble, sort, and stack. In fact, robots have probably played a part in the manufacture or delivery of many things you use on a daily basis.

Now, robots may be even closer than you think, making a splash in science centers, shopping malls, family entertainment centers, and theme parks throughout the world – including LEGOLAND* and Orlando’s newest attraction. Known as the Robocoaster, these robots deliver a heightened rush of adrenaline because riders never know what’s in store – whirling sideways, hanging upside down, swinging gently, or rocketing to the skies. At some locations, passengers use touch-screen terminals to customize their own ride based on height, age, and thrill tolerance. For a tamer experience, riders can choose gentle motions and no rollovers, while daredevils can opt for extreme thrills. Robotics are also used for simulations such as Formula 1 duels, speed boat racing, motorbike racing, and skiing contests, making the experience even more intense with wind motion to simulate high-speed travel.

“Embedded Intel® processors provide the intelligent performance responsible for delivering this flexible new form of entertainment,” says Alois Buchstab, Head of Industrial Business Development of the KUKA Robot Group*, one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robots. “For the first time, these rides can deliver practically unrestricted freedom of motion with, literally, 1.4 million possible combinations!”

The KUKA Robocoaster is the first robot licensed to carry human passengers. Six rotational axes produce a revolutionary new sensation with a wide range of motion sequences, speeds and ride profiles – from gentle to extreme – to meet a multitude of preferences. PC-based, robot software can be updated, and new ride sequences easily programmed, so that park owners can quickly enhance and refresh the experience.

So, step up and enjoy the ride with the world’s first passenger-carrying robot!