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Intelligent Vending Gives Your Customers a Unique Shopping Experience

Deliver the "wow" with Intel® technology

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Smarter shopping experiences at hand

The warm smell of fresh-brewed coffee and sounds from a bustling coffee shop draw you around the corner. But instead of a barista, you are greeted by an intelligent vending machine that mimics your neighborhood coffee stop in every way—including great-tasting coffee. True story. Costa Coffee makes vending a multi-sensory experience.

Today’s intelligent vending systems are not the ordinary snack dispensers you grew up with. Vending technology is evolving quickly, and new machines are engaging shoppers like never before with touch-screen controls, video, audio, scent, gesture-based interaction, and cashless payment. Learn more about the evolution of intelligent vending and explore this report forecasting 49% compound annual growth rate (CAGR)1 growth opportunity.

Real-world solution examples:
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"Intelligence" means connected, managed, secured

An intelligent vending system is connected to the Internet and a network, managed remotely via a central console, and secured from hackers. Built on Intel® architecture and utilizing powerful Intel® technologies, this new breed of customizable and engaging vending systems delivers amazing experiences—actively selling products, engaging with shoppers, analyzing results, proactively reporting data, self-monitoring, and more.

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Intelligent vending extends your omni-channel

The omni-channel lets shoppers enjoy a consistent and seamless engagement regardless of the device or channel in use. Intelligent vending systems can be just as vital to the retail omni-channel as more traditional devices, such as digital signage and kiosks. When vending systems connect to the Web, social media, and mobile devices, they become an important omni-channel conduit and an engaging access point to a wealth of information—for consumers and retailers alike.

Vending and the Internet of Things

The Intel® Reference Design for Intelligent Vending provides a fast and easy recipe for re-architecting traditional vending machines into highly-capable, Internet-connected machines allowing brands and operators to take advantage of new business opportunities, cloud services, and data analytics. Vending machine manufacturers can use the reference design to architect future machines or to retrofit existing ones.

The Intel® IoT Retail Gateway Reference Design for Intelligent Vending provides a solution for re-architecting traditional vending machines into highly capable, Internet-connected machines that can offer engaging consumer experiences, drive business transformation, support new transaction models, and reduce operating costs.

Reference design resources

The Intel® Reference Design for Digital Signage (EL-10) provides a cost-effective, scalable, and flexible compute platform for intelligent vending. The ability to connect to the Internet allows brands and operators to take advantage of new business opportunities, cloud services, and data analytics. Intelligent vending applications can utlize the following advanced features:

  • Low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) for LCD support
  • Wind River Linux* support
  • Vending machine I/O module

Manage thousands of machines at once

With Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), you can remotely monitor real-time inventory, proactively schedule restocking, and diagnose systems operations—all to reduce operating costs and boost profits. In the event of a malfunction, an automatic alert is generated, thereby reducing downtime and lost sales opportunities. Even new promotions can be initiated remotely, decreasing labor costs and time to deployment.

Delivery of digital content to every screen

Optimizing the customer experience is the focus of Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel® RCM)—an intelligent software solution that enables you to deliver digital content to every screen, including intelligent vending systems, with greater impact, when and where it matters most. Reach unique audiences in a timely manner, remotely manage your messages in near real time, and launch customized content dynamically.

Count and analyze audiences on the fly

Transform your vending system into an intelligent, situation-aware content system using Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite). This powerful analytics technology senses viewer responsiveness and determines gender and age group, then adapts messages accordingly. Intel® AIM Suite can also measure the duration of a person's gaze, further enhancing your ability to track consumer behavior, adapt messages, and measure ROI. Use Intel® AIM Suite to better understand your shoppers in ways that will help you optimize your engagement and sales.



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1. Fonte: "Valutazione del mercato dei distributori automatici intelligenti", Frost & Sullivan, novembre 2011.