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Intel®-based Motion Computing Tablets Simplify Retail Deployment

Intel®-based Motion Computing Tablets Simplify Retail Deployment

A major reason some retailers are struggling with deploying tablets is their decision to use popular consumer devices in the retail environment. What they are finding is that an intuitive consumer device does not translate into an easy-to-deploy device in a retail setting, where it is used for mobile point of sale (POS), price and inventory lookup, consultative selling, line busting, etc.

The reality is that before a consumer device can be used in a retail environment, a number of things need to be done to condition it for the task. Many of these steps try to move the consumer device closer to the features available on Intel® processor-based systems running a Windows* operating system (OS): compatibility with most POS software and peripherals, world-class remote management, enterprise-grade wireless capabilities, PCI application support, and a computer capable enough to run a full retail suite.

Motion Computing has developed mobile—and only mobile—devices and full deployment solutions for a dozen years and has seen retailers implement mobility in many different ways. Their insights led to this solution brief on how retailers can avoid major challenges when deploying tablets.

Read the full Intel®-Based Motion Computing Tablets Simplify Retail Deployment Solution Brief.

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