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Brief: Intel® Digital Signage Endcap Concept

Intel® Digital Signage Endcap: Brief

The Intel® Digital Signage Endcap concept enables retailers and brands to connect with consumers beyond the point of sale. This aftermarket solution increases shopping basket size, visits, brand recognition, and loyalty. It also enhances the consumer-shopping experience. Using this concept, based on 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors, consumers can learn more about a product, take an informational video tour, and obtain price comparisons and promotions. The four unique aspects of the digital endcap are:
• The gestural controlled interactive screen gives consumer’s an animated, graphically enhanced presentation.
• The accountability feature makes it possible to obtain personal metrics to target the appropriate product information to an individual consumer.
• Mobile integration lets consumers access product and pricing information, videos, and shopping lists in real time.
• Smart shelves provide product magnification and additional information when a product is selected by a consumer.

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