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® ® Intel Pentium Dual-Core Desktop Δ Processor E2000 Series

Intel® Pentium® Desktop Processor E2000 Series: Datasheet

The Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core desktop processor E2000 series deliver Intel's advanced, powerful processors for desktop PCs. The processor is designed to deliver performance across applications and usages where end-users can truly appreciate and experience the performance. These applications include Internet audio and streaming video,... image processing, video content creation, speech, 3D, CAD, games, multimedia, and multitasking user environments. Intel® 64 architecture enables the processor to execute operating systems and applications written to take advantage of the Intel 64 architecture. The processor supporting Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® technology allows tradeoffs to be made between performance and power consumption.

The Intel Pentium Dual-Core desktop processor E2000 series also includes the Execute Disable Bit capability. This feature, combined with a supported operating system, allows memory to be marked as executable or non-executable.

The Intel Pentium Dual-Core Desktop processor E2000 series combines the performance of the current generation of desktop products with the power efficiencies of a low-power microarchitecture to enable smaller, quieter systems. These dual-core processors are based on 65 nm process technology. They are 64-bit processors that maintain compatibility with IA-32 software.

The Intel Pentium Dual-Core Desktop processor E2000 series uses Flip-Chip Land Grid Array (FC-LGA6) package technology, and plugs into a 775-land surface mount, Land Grid Array (LGA) socket, referred to as the LGA775 socket.

Read the full Intel® Pentium® Desktop Processor E2000 Series Datasheet.

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