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Securing Intel's External Online Prescence

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Securing Intel's External Online Prescence

IT@Intel White Paper Intel IT IT Best Practices Information Security, May 2011

Executive Overview

To protect Intel and its customers, Intel IT established a program that assesses, monitors, and enforces the security, privacy, and regulatory compliance of externally facing Intel-branded Web sites and online marketing programs. Intel’s business groups use hundreds of Web sites and third-party solutions—including social media platforms—to communicate and conduct business with customers and business partners. Collectively, these externally facing Intel-branded solutions are known as Intel’s external presence.

Until 2006, these Web sites proliferated rapidly in response to business needs, without centralized oversight. Given this growth, we established the Intel Secure External Presence (ISEP) program to manage the risk associated with Intel’s external presence. The goals of ISEP, which is part of Intel’s information security group, are to protect Intel’s information assets and customers against threats such as loss of personal information and malware attacks, and to maintain compliance with laws, regulations, and standards. By achieving these goals, we also help to protect Intel’s corporate image.

We improve protection and compliance by reviewing all planned new external presence projects and by monitoring existing Intel-branded Web sites. ISEP review and approval is mandatory for new externally facing online projects. We work with Intel business groups to review planned projects before launch, whether they are to be hosted within Intel or by a third party.

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