Increasing Productivity with Mobile Business PCs

Increasing Productivity with Mobile Business PCs

Executive overview

After investigating various options, Intel IT has selected mobile business PCs as our standard computing platform. Mobile business PCs are by nature highly portable, and their robust feature set provides a productivity advantage to Intel employees while meeting the majority of our company’s diverse requirements.
• Mobility. Provide the flexibility employees need to work from any location.
• Productivity. Enable employees to continue creating value for the enterprise, even when they are offline, and to collaborate across time zones and geographic regions.
• Flexible compute models. Currently support local execution, streaming, virtual hosted desktop (VHD), Web applications, and more—plus virtual containers in the future.
• Managed information security. Protect Intel’s intellectual property and data while providing employees with a secure environment that can support emerging and evolving technologies.
• Business continuity. Allow employees to telecommute from unaffected areas in cases of natural disaster or other interruptions to “business as usual.”

Our mobile business PC strategy also reduces costs:

• USD 14 million savings attributed to video conferencing.
• Estimated USD 1 million savings in 2009 from deploying Unified Messaging.
• Projected USD 1 million savings by 2011 from deploying Intel® vPro™ technology.
• 67-percent decrease in total cost of ownership over 11 years.

As we continue to assess the needs of our users and evaluate emerging technologies and capabilities, mobile business PCs will enable further enhancements to employee productivity.

Read the full Increasing Productivity with Mobile Business PCs White Paper.

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