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Consumerization in healthcare is moving fast. In an environment where time often runs short, this is a good thing. With physicians spending an average of three minutes with patients during well-check visits, a 30-second delay caused by technology can decrease overall productivity by nearly 20 percent. Find out how the industry is transforming efficiency and improving patient care with a proactive approach for identifying the right tool for the right task. The IT organization is in a unique position to lead the transition from standard paper-based workflows to highly efficient digitized processes. With fully equipped tablets and PCs, healthcare professionals can provide better care while lowering costs—especially as the point of care continues to expand beyond traditional healthcare facilities. Intel® technology-based tablets and PCs deliver high-performance protection with a rich user experience that allows healthcare professionals to: • Easily share electronic patient records to improve quality of care. • Expedite triage and diagnosis with mobile point-of-care solutions. • Improve communication between emergency medical service (EMS) and hospital-based workers. • Empower patients with more secure, collaborative access to their care plans.

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