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Intel Classmate PC - Convertible

Intel® Education Solutions case studies show eLearning integration with students and teachers using classmate PCs in deployments around the world.

Intel® Atom™ Processor-based Curriculum at Georgia Tech

Ada Gavrilovska discusses how Intel® Atom™ processor-based Georgia Tech curriculum meets the industry need for embedded systems design expertise.

Intel® Atom™ LEAP* Platform: Energy-Efficient Embedded Computing

Reiher and Kaiser, UCLA, discuss Intel® Atom™ LEAP* architecture and embedded systems instructions for energy efficiency.

Reproducing Nondeterministic Program Execution for Parallelism

Article: Reproducing nondeterministic program execution improves multi-core performance by reducing software vulnerabilities. (v.1, March 2010)

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ACPI Provides Efficiencies for Firmware Development

Article: Operating system-directed power management using ACPI provides cost-effective firmware development and fast time to market. (v.1, July 2009)

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Real-Time High-Performance Computing Optimizes Multi-Core Systems

Article: Intel® technology enables real-time high-performance computing solutions for multi-core processors. (v.1, July 2009)

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Command Alkon Ends Two-Box Solution for Real-Time Embedded System

Case Study: Command Alkon’s embedded real-time system uses TenAsys eVM*, and Intel® Virtualization Technology. (v.002, Mar. 2010)

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Choosing the Right Storage Solution for Embedded Applications

White Paper: Examines a range of storage solutions, and discusses the trade-offs in finding the right solution for embedded applications. (Dec. 2008)

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Embedded Power Management Features of Intel® Architecture

Legacy power management features on Intel® architecture-based platforms for embedded systems, including various states. (v.001, Aug. 2011)

Achieve High Availability on a Single Embedded System

White Paper: Intel® Virtualization Technology achieves high availability on single embedded systems to meet embedded market goals. (v.1, Nov. 2011)

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