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Product Brief: Smarter Conference Rooms Powered by Intel® Unite™

Smarter conference rooms powered by Intel® Unite™ offer fast meeting starts, more secure connections, and real-time sharing and editing for all users.

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Cloud Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Web Services* and Intel

See how the Amazon Web Services* platform, using Intel® Xeon® processors, helps ingest data, scale quicker, and deploy cloud analytics in real time.

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Soluzioni per i big data: risorse per aiutarvi a decidere

Strumenti, tecnologie, software e hardware per sfruttare i vantaggi dei big data.

Real-Time Analytics: SAP HANA* Software and Intel® Technologies

See how the SAP HANA* platform, using the latest Intel® technologies, is providing real-time in-memory analytics for core business processes.

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InterSystems Caché 2015.1 Soars on Intel® Xeon® Processors

InterSystems Caché 2015.1 triples the database accesses/sec on Epic EMR workloads with the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 family

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Security Technology Real-World Guide from Intel

A security technology guide from Intel and how security works at key enforcement points throughout the cloud, including specific usage models.

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Infrastruttura dei data center: famiglia di processori Intel® Xeon® E5 v3

Realizzate l'infrastruttura dei data center basandovi sulla famiglia di processori Intel® Xeon® E5 v3 con questa guida tratta dal mondo reale.

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Consumerization—Tablets and Touch Enabled Devices in Business

Enterprise Strategist Jim Henrys discusses the enterprise concerns of employee-owned tools like tablets and touch enabled devices in business.

Scegliete la soluzione di mobilità aziendale ideale per la vostra impresa

Scegliete gli strumenti appropriati per implementare la vostra soluzione di mobilità aziendale, tra cui i prodotti Intel® progettati per aumentare la produttività mobile.

Get All You Need in a 2 in 1 for Business with Intel Inside®

A 2 in 1 lets you work in more ways—it’s a touch-based tablet and a powerful business laptop—both devices in a single easy to use, portable platform.

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