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Report sulle prestazioni di Intel IT - Resoconto annuale

Report sulle prestazioni di Intel IT, 2010-2011: gli argomenti affrontati comprendono consumerizzazione dell'IT, cloud computing, sicurezza aziendale e offerta di valore aggiunto.

Evaluating in-memory computing performance in big data analytics

NTT Data demonstrates superior performance of Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family in heavy load evaluation

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Driving Enterprise Transformation with Cloud Services

IT leadership and a comprehensive strategy deliver business value for Veyance Technologies through an enterprise transformation to the cloud.

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Intel IT's Data Center Storage Strategy

Video: Intel IT talks data center storage strategy, design computing manufacturing, and office and enterprise environments.

2009 Intel IT Performance Report

2009 Intel IT Performance Report covers operational profile, employee, business, strategic planning, data center solutions, and future outlook.

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2010-2011 Intel IT Performance Report (Standard)

Report: Intel IT report topics include IT consumerization, cloud computing, enterprise security, and value delivery.

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Executive Insights Intel IT: Information Security should Protect and Enable

The world is no longer flat. At Intel IT we realized we needed to rethink how we approach enterprise security. We cannot continue to spend all our resources trying to block every threat. Our new approach takes into consideration that the role of enterprise security is to both protect and enable Intel’s business, including supporting new usage models like cloud computing, IT consumerization, and social computing.

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What Would a Day Without a Data Center Look Like?

In a day without a data center, events quickly spiral out of control for a person dependent on connected devices such as cell phones.

Technology Drives Transformation as an IT Best Practice

Intel IT uses technology to drive workplace transformation and deliver business value to the enterprise.

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