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BMW Uses OpenStack* to Accelerate Business Growth

BMW uses OpenStack* and Intel® architecture to build a software-defined infrastructure that supports several use cases.

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Server Refresh Planning Guide

Learn why it is important to update your IT infrastructure every two to four years, and how to plan and implement your next server refresh cycle.

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Intel – Implementare con successo l'analisi dei dati

Lezioni apprese dai settori bancario e assicurativo su come implementare con successo l'analisi dei dati

Intel® Active Management Technology Configuration Utility: Guide

User Guide: Describes the Intel® Active Management Technology Configuration Utility, including prerequisites, and security and network requirements.

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Intel® Data Center Manager: Demo

Demo shows how Intel® Data Center Manager monitors, controls, gates, and limits power consumption for better server efficiency and reduced costs.

Infrastruttura definita tramite software - Nozioni di base

Scoprite in che modo l’infrastruttura definita tramite software (SDI) può trasformare il vostro data center in una piattaforma cloud ottimizzata.

Improve Storage Agility with VMware Virtual SAN* and Intel

VMware Virtual SAN* extends the value of virtualization by providing software-defined storage alongside new implementations from Intel and VMware.

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Ottimizzare la catena di fornitura di Intel con una piattaforma dati in memoria

Una piattaforma dati in tempo reale supporta l'obiettivo di Intel IT di sviluppare una catena di fornitura in grado di reagire immediatamente ai cambiamenti.

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In-Memory Analytics from Intel, Dell, and SAP

This in-memory analytics platform from Intel, Dell, and SAP provides powerful business intelligence in real-time.

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Data Center Monitoring with Intel DCM software and Intel PTAS

White Paper: Chunghwa Telecom data center management proof-of-concept uses Intel® Data Center Manager to reduce power consumption, boost efficiency.

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