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Secure the Enterprise with Intel® AES-NI: White Paper

Covers Intel® AES New Instructions, its usage models, performance improvements, and cryptographic libraries.

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Frank Soqui 讨论创新和智能计算如何改进技术以及为零售和医疗保健行业带来可定制的消费体验。

英特尔® 零售互动时尚体验视频

视频概念演示了英特尔® 零售互动时尚体验,这种沉浸式技术基于第二代英特尔® 酷睿™ 处理器。


解决方案简介: 借助英特尔® 和Windows8* 技术,零售商可通过无缝设备集成所带来的卓越性能吸引消费者。

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Secure the Enterprise with Intel® AES-NI: White Paper

인텔® AES-NI는 적용 모델, 성능 향상 및 암호화 라이브러리를 포함합니다.

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DigiPoS Keeps Competitive Advantage with Embedded Processors

Case Study: Electronic POS maker DigiPoS innovates products on the Intel® Atom™ processor, Intel® Core™ i7 processor, and Intel® Q67 Express Chipset.

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Intel® Innovation Across Industries

Intel® innovation across industries helps retail, energy management, transportation, healthcare, and education.

Intel® Retail Interactive Fashion Experience Video

Video concept demonstrates the Intel® Retail Interactive Fashion Experience, an immersive technology using the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor.

Retailers Supporting Intel AppUpSM Center

Video: retailers talk about the Intel AppUpSM store, a secure, rich, and easily accessible center for users to explore and try apps before buying.

Intel® Retail Solutions Partner Network: Strategy

Find Intel® Retail Solution Partner Network consultants that offer experience and store design strategy to address pressing business challenges.