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Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Commitment Letter

Letter from Intel executives stating support for Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition’s vision and mission.

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Intel® Technology Solution Fights Hunger at its Roots in Kenya

Study: Partners of Kenyan farmers use low-cost, rugged Intel laptops that operate with limited or no power to teach about cassava pests and diseases.

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Women Become Entrepreneurs with Bag-Making Business

Volunteers help underprivileged women in India establish a thriving bag-making business that creates entrepreneurs and promotes self-improvement.

Undergrads Learn Research Projects Are Relevant

Students gain laboratory experience through an undergraduate program that includes research projects on superconductors and ammonia gas sensors.

2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, GRI Index

Shows how our reporting aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative* G3.1 Sustainability Guidelines, including all “Core” and “Additional” indicators.

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2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, Performance Summary

Provides high-level summary of Intel’s key economic, environmental, and social indicators for 2010.

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2010 Corporate Responsibility Report: UNGC Progress

Interactive United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Communication on Progress 2010 section of the 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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2008 Corporate Responsibility: Asia Pacific

Intel’s 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report for the Asia Pacific region

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2008 Intel Corporate Responsibility: China

Intel’s 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report for China

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2008 Corporate Responsibility Report: Europe (French)

An Overview of Intel’s 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report for Europe (French).

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