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Minerali non legati a conflitti e Intel

Informati sull'impegno di Intel ad utilizzare materiali non legati a conflitti migliorando la responsabilità della catena di fornitura, incoraggiando un'azione ad ampio spettro e reperimento in loco.

Intel in Colorado

Running two sites, Intel in Colorado employees volunteered 7,635 hours to schools and nonprofits in 2011, and donated $1.2 million to the United Way.

Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon Fact Sheet

See Intel’s community impact in Hillsboro, Oregon, from being the state’s largest private employer to supporting volunteer and donation efforts.

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Intel Teams with San Francisco 49ers

Partnership between the San Francisco 49ers and Intel will bring technology and innovation to enhance the fan experience.

Intel in Costa Rica

More than 2,800 employees work in Intel’s Costa Rican facility. This overview details their efforts in education and community involvement.

Intel in Washington

Operating two campuses, Intel in Washington donated more than $818,000 in grants and contributions to k-12 schools and nonprofits.

Intel Climate Change Policy

Intel’s position and policy on climate change, covering its established and ongoing leadership in providing the most energy-efficient products.

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Intel Dalian, China: An Environmental Benchmark

Video: introduction to Intel’s Dalian fabrication facility, one of China’s most ecologically advanced manufacturing plants.

2008 Corporate Responsibility: Asia Pacific

Intel’s 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report for the Asia Pacific region

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