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Internet of Things Policy Framework

Describes Intel’s policy framework for the development of Internet of Things solutions, including principles for connectivity, privacy, and more.

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The IoT and Automotive and Transportation Policy Principles

Describes Intel’s policy principles for automotive and transportation Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, including innovation and safety.

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Intel® She Will Connect

Closing the Internet gender gap, Intel® She Will Connect commits to connect women to the Internet, each other, the world, and a world of opportunity.

Intel For Change: Mindsets are Changing in Barriers to Education

Intel For Change student ambassadors talk to girls in India to identify barriers to education and find that mindsets are changing.

Why You Should Join Intel France

The employees at Intel France share what they think makes a great company, the opportunities they have had, and why you should join Intel.

Worldwide Offices

Worldwide Offices

Learn About International Intel Programs

Connect to Intel international programs that improve communities through environmental protection, teacher training, and new technology.

Project Daniel: 3-D Prosthetic Printing Lab

Project Daniel changes lives in South Sudan by providing a village with the Intel® technology and knowledge to run a 3-D prosthetic printing lab.

Equal Employment Opportunity 2014 Employer Information Report

Equal opportunity employment data by job type and racial demographic for 2014.

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Minerali non legati a conflitti e Intel

Informati sull'impegno di Intel ad utilizzare materiali non legati a conflitti migliorando la responsabilità della catena di fornitura, incoraggiando un'azione ad ampio spettro e reperimento in loco.