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運用 Intel® 可信賴執行技術 (Intel® TXT) 進行完整性檢查

Intel IT 對於 Intel® 可信賴執行技術 (Intel® TXT) 的使用案例進行評估,此技術能夠在開機時,透過硬體執行 Hypervisor (虛擬機器管理員) 和其他系統元件的完整性檢查。

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Enhancing Security with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology

Video: enhancing server and cloud security with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology.

Building the Transparent Cloud

Case Study: Expedient Communications expands services with cloud infrastructure solutions using the Intel® Xeon® processor X5650.

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Trusted Compute Pools for Cloud with Hytrust and Intel® TXT

Hemma Prafullchandra of Hytrust demos trusted compute pools with the Hytrust Appliance* and Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, Intel® TXT.

Intel, McAfee Share New Security Capabilities

Provides identity and access control, and protects the content during transit to / from the cloud.

OpSource Builds Confidence in the Cloud: Solution Brief

OpSource standardizes on Dell PowerEdge* servers and Cisco Unified Computing Systems* based on the Intel® Xeon® processor X7560.

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Intel® Trusted Execution Technology

Technology Overview: Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, hardware extensions to Intel® processors and chipsets, enhances security capabilities.

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Enhanced Data Protection with Hardware-Assisted Security

Intel ensures data protection by consulting with global security experts, supporting key security standards, security innovations and secure systems.

Establishing Trusted Compute Pools on Physical Servers

White Paper: Parallels Server Bare Metal*, Intel® Trusted Execution Technology enable a trusted compute pool for private and public cloud deployment.

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Enhancing Security with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology

Повышение степени безопасности серверной среды и облачных вычислений при помощи технологии Intel® Trusted Execution