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Predictive Analytics Help Foresee Future Purchasing Behaviors

Use Case: See how by using predictive analytics from Intel and Cloudera, a French household appliances company predicts buying trends among customers.

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Intel and Cloudera Improve Company’s Predictive Analysis Abilities

Use Case: See how by using predictive analysis tools from Intel and Cloudera, a confectioner boosts holiday sales, while reducing inventory.

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Retail Transformation with Big Data

Steve Power Brown explains how Intel® technology helps retailers use big data to build relationships, transforming the retail experience.

Infographic: Big Data—A Retail Perspective

This infographic explores questions like: "What is Big Data?" and shows the challenges and benefits of using Big Data from a retailer's perspective.

SATO and Intel Bring Advanced Analytics to In-Store Retail

Solution Brief: SATO and Intel integrate hardware and software to bring analytics to retail for inventory accuracy and actionable business insight.

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Creating the Ultimate Shopping Experience—SAP HANA and Intel

Brief: See how SAP HANA and Intel provide a single platform, real-time analytics solution to help retailers deliver the ultimate shopping experience.

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Famiglia di prodotti Intel® Xeon Phi™

Favorendo le innovazioni, la famiglia di prodotti Intel® Xeon Phi™ offre elaborazione altamente parallela e configurazioni per svariati requisiti.

Kit Intel® NUC NUC5i5MYHE e scheda mini PC NUC5i5MYBE

Il kit Intel® NUC NUC5i3MYHE e la scheda NUC5i3MYBE consentono ai clienti di eseguire analisi video per messaggi e offerte mirati all'audience appropriata.

Mini PC kit Intel® NUC NUC5PPYH

Esplora caratteristiche, specifiche e ulteriori informazioni sul prodotto per il Mini PC kit Intel® NUC NUC5PPYH, dotato di un processore Intel® Pentium® quad-core.

Transforming Retail with Sales Assist Solutions from Intel

Solution Brief: Intel offers retailers a path to business success with Retail Sales Assist, a range of guided selling and workforce management tools.

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