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Intel® QuickAssist Acceleration Technology for Embedded Systems

Intel® QuickAssist Technology helps the development community more easily integrate embedded accelerators in their designs.

英特尔® 超线程(HT)技术

英特尔® 超线程(HT)技术能够高效地利用资源,支持每个内核同时运行多条线程,进而提升处理器吞吐量。

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Study Accident, ER Trends with Big Data

Case Study: Big data technologies analyze doctors’ notes, helping Leeds Teaching Hospitals study trends, plan resources, and spot under-billing.

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英特尔® 清晰视频高清晰度技术: 规范

规范: 英特尔® 清晰视频高清技术支持优化的高清播放、 多渠道的高级音频和 24 Hz 刷新率。

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Applicazioni di computing percettivo

Il portale completo per le applicazioni percettive dotate di tecnologie di riconoscimento vocale, facciale e di profondità.

Intel® DK100 Series Development Kit

Quickly develop, prototype, and deploy intelligent gateways that meet emerging IoT market requirements.

Intel® Trusted Execution Technology EFI Tool Kit

Software: Package includes an EFI tool kit with applications used to test, check, and demonstrate Intel® Trusted Execution Technology features.

Intel® Core™ Mobile Processor Series: NDA Spec Update

NDA Spec Update: Includes changes, errata, and clarifications to the Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 mobile processor datasheet and EDS. (v.30, Jun. 2014)

Crystal Forest ATCA Reference Design: Kit

Kit: Crystal Forest ATCA reference design includes supplemental review, blade schematics, bill of materials, user guide, and read me file.

Intel® QuickAssist Technology Driver for Linux*

App: Configuration files to define the number of QA instances to use on each platform. (v.QAT1.5.L.1.4.0-150, Dec. 2013)