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Prodotti Intel® per PC desktop

Scopri in che modo Intel sta reinventando l'esperienza desktop ed esplora i nuovi sistemi e prodotti desktop per individuare quello perfetto per te.

Intel® Core™ i7 Processor for LGA2011-3 Socket Thermal Guide

Provides platform guidelines for the design of thermal and mechanical solutions for the Intel® Core™ i7 processor family in the LGA2011-3 socket.

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Intel® X99 Chipset Platform Controller Hub (PCH) Specification Update

Provides datasheet specification errata, clarifications, and changes for the Intel® X99 Chipset Platform Controller Hub.

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DDR4 Platform Memory Validation, Specifications, and Results

Results of DDR4 platform memory validation procedures are a guideline for memory compatibility with Intel® chipsets.

DDR Archives and DIMM Module DDR Validation Results

View results verifying DDR SDRAM compliance to Intel specifications and performance of supported memory modules.

Intel® Solutions for Lustre* software - Reseller Portal

The Intel® Lustre* Reseller Portal provides extensive resources, training, and support to differentiate your solutions.

Intel Standards

Intel collaborates with global industry leaders to pioneer technological advances that establish a high level of standards and initiatives.

Shop Devices for Business

Browse Shop Devices for Business and choose a model, including new touchscreen and convertibles, with features right for your company.

Intel® CoFluent™ Studio Pilot Project

The Intel® CoFluent™ Studio Pilot Project enables engineers to work on actual projects, minimizing the learning curve associated with new software.

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Intel® Analytics Toolkit

Simplify data model creation; Intel® Analytics Toolkit efficiently graphs data with tools for streamlined analysis.