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Hadoop* Architecture: Intel® Cloud Builders Guide

This reference architecture is for building cloud infrastructure, including both enterprise IT and cloud service providers or cloud hosting providers.

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Intel® Cloud Builders - infrastruttura cloud sicura ed efficiente

Intel® Cloud Builders è un'iniziativa multisettoriale destinata a semplificare lo sviluppo, l'ottimizzazione e la gestione di infrastrutture cloud.

Intel® Cloud Builders and Cisco on Cloud Computing

Lew Tucker on interoperability amongst cloud computing solutions and how Cisco brings optimal solutions to its customers.

Intel Cloud Builders and EMC on Cloud Computing

Pat Gelsinger on EMC’s cloud computing strategy, participating in the Intel® Cloud Builders Program, and the development of a Reference Architecture.

vCloud Director* Cloud Deployment on TAROX ParX* Server Series

This reference architecture describes building a cloud with VMware vCloud Director* and the TAROX Systems & Services GmbH with ParX* server systems powered by the Intel® Xeon® processors. The guide is targeted to IT professionals responsible for the design, implementation, validation, and utilization of cloud structures.

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Fujitsu PRIMERGY* Cloud Design and Deployment Guide

Design Guide: Intel® Cloud Builders, Fujitsu Primergy* build guide using VMware vCloud Director* and Intel® Xeon® processors.

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How to Build a Cloud Animation

Video animation: Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: technical tips, live configuration samples to build a cloud configuration with VMware.

Cloud Design and Deployment Using NetApp* Unified Networking

Cloud reference architecture, setup, and evaluation instructions for FCoE and iSCSI run over 10GbE using NetApp* Unified Networking and Storage.

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Cloud Design and Deployment on Neusoft Aclome* Cloud

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Neusoft Aclome* with Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers enable cloud computing solutions without extra validation.

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Cloud Design and Deployment with Novell Cloud Manager*

Describes high-density clusters of VMs built on two hypervisors—VMware ESX* and Xen* using Novell Cloud Manager*—for an internal private cloud.

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