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Go behind the scenes in this video news magazine from Intel. You’ll discover the devices, systems, and experiences that are changing lives and driving the Internet of Things.

This edition of Tech Today visits places all over the world where the Internet of Things is creating a better public transportation experience, making freight transportation more efficient, and enabling physicians and first responders to provide real-time, life-saving decisions for heart attack patients.

Episode Three: Intel® Technology Powering the Internet of Things

Tech Today

Segments in this edition

Digital screens enhance the travel experience

Digital screens enhance the travel experience

The beautiful metropolis of Barcelona, Spain, is becoming a world leader in intelligent technology. By combining a centralized content distribution system with a vast network of digital displays, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona gives millions of transit riders real-time access to service information, location-specific advertising, and daily news.

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Efficient and safe freight trucks

Efficient and safe freight trucks

Real-time data produced by hundreds of sensors on commercial trucks is fused together to create a picture of exactly what is happening on the vehicle at any given time. The goal is to turn this data into meaningful information that optimizes safety, fuel economy, and maintenance of the vehicle.

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Connecting physicians and first responders

Connecting physicians and first responders

Heart attack patients in rural America receive life-saving care directly from doctors who are located hundreds of miles away. The Internet of Things is enabling physicians and emergency medical technicians to work together to provide advanced care and decrease the time it takes to get patients to a major medical facility.

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