Intel® Architecture Solutions in the Home Health Space: Paper

Intel® Architecture Solutions in the Home Health Space: Paper

Executive Summary

There are favorable long-term growth opportunities for semiconductor vendors in the telehealth space mainly due to the aging demographic patterns, spiraling health care costs and the rising prevalence of chronic medical conditions. Efforts to curtail hospital stays and suppress overall health care costs w...ill help endorse the increasing use of home monitoring solutions in patient treatment.

In order for the telehealth market to flourish it obviously needs to ensure that it improves patient outcomes. More importantly it needs to increase healthcare efficiencies and facilitate in containing health care costs and save money.

Today OEMs and medical device vendors who are focusing their efforts in this space (and in particular on telehealth hubs and remote patient monitoring solutions) are moving away from custom hardware development in favor of adopting commercial off the shelf solutions. As a result they can fully focus their efforts on value add areas such as applications development which is where they can truly differentiate their products.

By utilizing a platform approach based on embedded Intel® architecture an OEM can be benefit in many ways such as:

Flexibility and scalability to address in terms of performance, costs optimizations, availability of interfaces.

Fast prototyping to validate the key assumptions and resolve the usability problems by providing pre-integrated hardware / software solutions.

Read the full Intel® Architecture Solutions in the Home Health Space White Paper.

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