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Intel® Trend Analytics Software

A member of the Intel® Decision Solutions family

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your mission-critical systems

Managing mission-critical assets requires a reliable assessment of the current and future operational conditions for that asset. Intel® Decision Solutions: Trend Analytics Software addresses these predictive maintenance challenges. By enabling remote monitoring, trending, and diagnostics, it can help you make the right operations and maintenance decisions at the right time.

What is Intel® Trend Analytics Software?

A member of the Intel® Decision Solutions family, Intel® Trend Analytics Software provides remote monitoring and decision support for transportation and manufacturing systems. It is a front-end monitoring software solution used predominantly as an anomaly detector for maintenance decision support. Two versions are available: Intel® Trend Analytics Software (Pro version) is designed for enterprise and provides a full range of feature Intel® Trend Analytics Software (Basic version) is designed for smaller businesses and delivers a subset of those same features.

How does it work?

Intel® Trend Analytics Software (Pro version) is a cloud-based application hosted by Intel that can be accessed by multiple users via one user-friendly interface to monitor diverse assets from multiple manufacturers. Operational data from these assets is stored in a secure database at Intel. The software manages the data and performs analysis automatically to identify problems.

Advanced features

Rich features are provided for user management and system configuration.

  • Watch list provides alerts for a given asset
  • Optimized configuration
  • Sensor data is automatically collected and transmitted to Intel
  • Database storage—data is stored in a relational database format
  • Automatic asset reparenting
  • Web-based application simplifies software updates and version management

Invaluable benefits

  • Common user interface streamlines asset management
  • Improved situation awareness with reduced response time
  • Enhanced asset availability by shifting from unplanned maintenance to planned
  • Increased profit through improved efficiency

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Intel® Trend Analytics Software product brief

Learn how Intel® Trend Analytics Software can improve the efficiency and productivity of your mission-critical systems.

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