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Intel IT's Cloud Computing Strategy

IT@Intel Executive Insights: Cloud Computing 

Like many of our enterprise IT peers, Cloud Computing is a key area of innovation for Intel and one of Intel IT's top 3 objectives this year. Cloud Computing is changing the way we inside Intel IT look at our architecture: from the client technology our employees will use to access business services and data to the data center infrastructure necessary to support those services. We are adopting cloud computing as part of our data center strategy to provide cost-effective, highly agile back-end services that boost both employee and business productivity.

These resources provide insight into the work that Intel IT is doing in this area. We’ve broken it into four areas for consideration.

Cloud Strategy, Architecture, and Roadmap

Implementing our cloud strategy was a big challenge, not the least of which was standardizing terminology. Learn how we began our Office and Enterprise cloud journey in 2009 and overcame various challenges along the way.

Virtualization as the Foundation for Cloud

In 2010, Intel IT more than tripled our rate of virtualization in our Office and Enterprise environment from 12% to 42% and is on track to achieve our goal of 75%.

Cloud Impact on the Client

Learn why Intel IT found that the mobile business PC (a secure, managed, high performance laptop) provides the best user experience across a range of application and flexible service delivery models.

Read the full Cloud Computing Intel Executive Insights Paper.

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