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Powering Mobile Healthcare

Doctor and patient review tablet

Enabling Powerful and Secure Mobile Heathcare at the Point of Care

Give your healthcare teams laptops and tablets featuring hardware-assisted device security and provide the benefits of improved efficiencies, agility, and reduced costs with mHealth.

  • Enable your team without compromise when it comes to mobile health workflows.
  • Give them what they want with tablets and Ultrabook™ 2-in-1 devices running Windows 8 Enterprise*, delivering the latest touchscreen experience and freedom to use a keyboard, touchscreen, or stylus.
  • Quick migration with support for the applications that your users already know.
  • Go mobile confidently with Intel® Enterprise Security Solutions inside your devices and across your environment.
  • Enable your team locally and worldwide using secure cloud solutions from Intel.

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Explore your mobile healthcare device options

Selecting the right devices

Find out options and best practices in selecting the right mobile devices with security, enhancing doctor and patient interaction, reducing delays, and improving workflows.

White paper

Mobile workflows and tools

Collaborative workflow and information tool examples, insights, and best practices for meeting today’s complex healthcare environments.

Watch the video

Enable collaborative care

See how real-time data sharing, communications, and collaborative workflows on secure mobile devices can avoid patient readmission.

See how Greenway did it

Mobile medical records

Greenway Medical Technologies created a powerful enterprise-ready medical records app to increase end-user convenience and flexibility.

Get the solution brief

mHealth use cases

Look at possible solutions to enhancing patient outcomes, productivity, and encouraging collaborative workfows using mobile healthcare options.

Read the case study

Tablets in pediatric care

Using PrimeMOBILE* for Windows 8* on Intel®-based tablets to improve information access, collaboration, and productivity.

White Papers and Case Studies

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1. Ultrabook is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.