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Improved Laptop Power Management

Improved Power Management

Working together to optimize battery life

As computing performance continues to rise, so does the need for greater energy efficiency. Whether in a coffee shop checking e-mail or on an airplane typing a business proposal, consumers demand a longer battery life on each device they use. Intel is working with hardware manufacturers, developers, and vendors to create a framework that optimizes energy usage on Intel® processor-based platforms. Together, by minimizing energy consumption without compromising hardware performance, we can satisfy the growing demand for greater efficiency, faster computing, and longer battery life.

Creating Efficient Hardware

Maximizing energy efficiency requires cooperation from all components within a platform, from motherboard and networking hardware to audio and video cards. Helping to create more cohesive and efficient hardware, Intel is establishing a framework for Independent Hardware Vendors that provides proven power-management recommendations for the entire platform ecosystem.

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Software Energy Efficiency

Software behavior can significantly affect platform power consumption and battery life. Applications can be written to effectively use hardware power-management capabilities.

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Battery Life Analyzer software can help find anomalies with your software and/or hardware products that are reducing laptop battery life.  If you want more information on this tool and to download it to help you optimize power for your designs, send email to BatteryLifeAnalyzer@intel.com