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ABB* Revolutionizes Fast Charging for Electric Vehicles

The proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs), such as the Nissan Leaf* and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV*, are getting a boost from new charging solutions that allow drivers to quickly recharge and keep going. Today, a typical EV has a range of approximately 150 km (90 miles), which requires drivers to recharge their cars quite often, either from standard household connections or at public charging stations.

Key to increasing the adoption of electric vehicles is addressing consumers’ fears of running out of charge and getting stranded. This concern, commonly known as range anxiety, can be alleviated by a pervasive network of fast-charging systems capable of recharging vehicles in 15 to 120 minutes, much faster than the eight or so hours required by standard residential systems. Such networks are being deployed countrywide in Belgium and Estonia, where 200 of ABB*’s fast-charging systems are installed no more than 50 km (30 miles) apart on main roads.

This paper describes how ABB’s Terra Smart Connect* (SC) and Terra SC Duo* charging stations open the door to new business opportunities for companies looking to offer convenient electric vehicle charging to short- and long-stay customers. The station, based on the Intel® Atom™ processor, will charge a car in 30 minutes to two hours while the driver works in the office, goes shopping or to the cinema, or has a meal. The Intel Atom processor was selected because of its high performance, multitasking capabilities, integrated graphics, low power consumption, and exceptional connectivity used to support pin code and RFID authorization via GPRS. The processor also helps the charging stations deliver exceptional flexibility and reliability, which are critical requirements in this industry.

Read the full ABB* Revolutionizes Fast Charging for Electric Vehicles Solution Brief.

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