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Visitatie Mariakerke: Top-of-the-Class Efficiency

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Visitatie Mariakerke: Top-of-the-Class Efficiency

• Green efficiency
• Mobility
• Server consolidation
• Virtualization

Customer profile
• Company: Visitatie Mariakerke
• Industry: Education
• Country: Belgium
• Founded: 1961
• Employees: 550 students, 85 employees
• Website: www.visitatie.be

Visitatie Mariakerke wanted to offer more IT-based learning, but server management and cost was an issue.

Helped by Dell consultants, the school achieved its goals with virtualized Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers.

• Virtual servers launched in a couple of hours
• Downtime reduced from approximately 20 to four hours a year
• Total cost of ownership cut by around €33,000 over five years
• Need for out-of-hours IT maintenance eliminated
• Power consumption lowered by an estimated €1,374 a year.

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