The Intel® Rural Connectivity Platform Product Brief

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The Intel® Rural Connectivity Platform Product Brief

Intel® Rural Connectivity Platform (Intel® RCP):
• The Intel® RCP connects communities together and to the Internet.
• Intel® RCP provides a robust, long-distance, WiFi-based backhaul connection.
• Consuming very little power, Intel® RCP is ideal for emerging markets.
• Its self-configuring software requires minimal setup efforts and maintenance.

Intel® RCP Usage Models

• In standard configuration, two RCP nodes form a point-to-point link spanning a distance of up to 100km.
• RCP nodes can also be daisy chained together to connect more communities, where the intermediate nodes act as relays or forks.

RCP is currently available as a prototype. An ODM has been selected to begin producing RCP in the Q3 ’08 timeframe. The targeted price is sub-$500 for a single-end unit, and sub-$1000 for a pair of units.

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