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Broadband and Universal Services Leaders Forum

Expanding social and economic benefits to citizens worldwide with broadband and information and communications technology (ICT)

As a leading innovator with vast experience in delivering successful education solutions and demand creation programs, Intel provides educators, governments, and communities the benefits of the critical foundation and unprecedented potential of technology today―and in the future.


Universal Service

An increasing number of emerging countries are addressing this challenge with the help of universal service funds. These funds were initially created to ensure ubiquitous deployment of basic telephone equipment and services. Today, the funds are used to support information and communications technology (ICT) and broadband programs.


Benefits of applying universal service funds to support ICT/broadband programs >



Broadband and ICT programs provide proven benefits to national economies and citizens. By establishing the right policies and programs to encourage competition, innovation, and investment, governments can unlock these benefits for their economies and citizens. These characteristics prescribe urgency for governments to act quickly to establish high broadband and ICT penetration.


Governments should regularly establish national broadband plans with specific time-bound goals, and execute on them. The ITU Broadband Commission calls for all countries to have a national broadband plan or strategy by 2015.


Regional Forums

Intel’s Broadband and Universal Services Forums engage key government leaders to share current ideas and best practices to accelerate broadband and ICT usage in your countries. 


The event has expanded to include specific training sessions on broadband plans, universal service management and strategy, along with examples of successful demand side programs. The Forum offers insight into the leading policies and programs within the region and from around the world, contributing to the process of global knowledge-sharing and capacity-building to unlock the social and economic benefits broadband and ICT have to offer.


Event Goal:

Create a dynamic, interactive environment with a special focus on how-tos and next steps in implementation, providing:

  • Examples of successful broadband and USF policies, strategies, and plans
  • Real-time solutions to your country's current obstacles in program implementation and operations
  • A special section on skills development and capacity-building for regulators, fund managers, and public and private sector attendees
  • Examples of successful demand creation programs, including a focus on digital literacy, market gap, and education programs
More Information

Intel Asia Broadband and Universal Services Leaders Forum

Oct 22–24, 2013, New Delhi, India

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