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Intel IT Data Center Solutions: Strategies to Improve Efficiency

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Intel IT Data Center Solutions: Strategies to Improve Efficiency

Over time, Intel IT has evolved our strategies to optimize our data center infrastructure to respond faster to business needs while enhancing the services and value IT brings to the business. Our new data center strategies shift the emphasis away from reducing the number of physical data center facilities to, instead, focusing on approaches that leverage the full potential of our data centers worldwide. This helps increase business value across the entire data center infrastructure. We expect our methods to achieve nominal cost savings to bout USD 1 billion by 2014. Our approach centers on three strategies: optimization, utilization, and strategic investments. The key elements of these strategies include:
• Accelerating server refresh to take advantage of performance and power efficiency improvements
• Consolidating and virtualizing our server resources
• Upgrading facilities to improve facilities capability, utilization, and energy efficiency.
• Adding capacity in a modular, scalable way
• Locating new data centers in aggregation sites whenever possible
• Eliminating data centers whenever feasible and financially viable.
• Optimizing WAN configurations to substitute for localized data center capacity and to support remote data center services.
• Switching to a parallel storage solution in the high-performance computing (HPC) area.

Our strategies are already delivering results. For e ample, from 2006 to 2008, the increased use of optimization tools, such as virtualization and server refresh, reduced data center facilities capital investment by 65 percent. Our long-term planning process will help us continue to drive broader efficiencies across the data center environment as well as respond faster to business needs—which in turn enhances the services and value that IT brings to the business.

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