Red Hat and Intel: Proven Scalability for SAS 9.2

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Red Hat and Intel: Proven Scalability for SAS 9.2

Today, companies are increasingly utilizing analytics to discover new revenue and cost-saving opportunities. Many business professionals turn to SAS, a leader in business analytics software and service, to help them improve performance and make better decisions faster. Analytics are also being employed in risk management, fraud detection, life sciences, sports, and many more emerging markets. However, to maximize the value to the business, analytics solutions need to be deployed quickly and cost-effectively, while also providing the ability to readily scale without degrading performance. Of course, in today’s demanding environments, where budgets are still shrinking and man-dates to reduce carbon footprints are growing, the solution must deliver excellent hardware utilization, power efficiency, and ROI.

To help solve these challenges, Red Hat, SAS, NEC, and Intel collaborated to prove the linear scalability of SAS 9.2* running Red Hat Enterprise Linux* on NEC’s newest Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series-based platform. The result is a pre-tested, scalable server configuration that can help you deploy faster, reduce risk, lower cost, and plan for future upgrades.

SAS 9.2

SAS 9.2 provides the core components of the SAS Business Analytics Framework* and significant performance improvements over SAS 9.1* on Linux*. SAS 9.2 helps users gain insights that are often hidden in data, so they can reach evidence-based decisions with confidence. SAS 9.2 supports the entire analysis process—from data access to the point of decision—however varied or complex. A wide range of data integration techniques empowers users to collect, classify, process, analyze, and interpret data to reveal new insights. SAS 9.2 advances the capabilities of SAS* analytical products, including forecasting, data mining, optimization, and model management. SAS* Analytics provide rapid answers to key business questions, allowing decision makers to react more quickly to fast changing conditions.SAS 9.2 is available as 64-bit enabled applications sup- porting 64-bit extended architectures. This enables you to scale up or consolidate multiple SAS instances within one affordable, powerful, commodity system.

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