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Multi-Core Optimization for Market Surveillance: White Paper

Multi-Core Optimization for Market Surveillance: White Paper

Maximizing Performance to Help Financial Institutions Meet their Goals

Executive Summary
Financial institutions have several key challenges when it comes to effective market surveillance, including both the quantity and diversity of the data and fast-changing data definitions. A firm might need to represent the same cash equity in several different formats when it trades on different exchanges and orders flow through different parts of the business. Consolidating all of these different message formats makes oversight possible in real time.

The high speed of financial markets makes fast response times a necessity. Next-day response is not good enough. Real-time systems enable fast response times, including through circuit breakers, which can stop a certain algorithm from trading.

This real-time message consolidation process was the focus of a proof of concept HL Steam conducted with Intel.

Ancoa* by HL Steam is a high-end surveillance platform for financial markets that enables regulators, exchanges, brokers, and trading desks to both protect their reputations and keep on top of regulatory requirements.

Read the full Multi-Core Optimization for Market Surveillance White Paper.

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