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Intel and VMware: Enabling Open FCoE in VMware vSphere 5*

Executive Summary Unified networking over 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) in the data center offers compelling benefits, including a simplified infrastructure, lower equipment and power costs, and the flexibility to meet the needs of the evolving, virtualized data center. In recent years, growth in Ethernet-based storage has surpassed of storage-specific fabrics, driven in large part by the increase in server virtualization. Te ubiquity of storage area network (SAN) access will be critical as virtualization deployments continue to grow and on-demand, cloud-based datacenter models emerge.

This paper explores the many benefits of unified networking, the approaches to enabling it, and the pivotal roles Intel and VMware are playing in helping to bring important, consolidation-driving technologies to enterprise data center customers.

Read the full Intel and VMware: Enabling Open FCoE in VMware vSphere 5*.

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