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2007 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report

This Corporate Responsibility Report, published in Portable Document Format (PDF) in May 2008, covers global programs and corporate performance in Intel’s worldwide operations and facilities during fiscal year 2007 (ended December 29, 2007). The report also includes historical performance data and future goals; this year, we have expanded our historical performance data to include five years of data instead of three, to provide readers with enhanced trend information. We continue to publish our report on an annual reporting cycle; our last report was published in May 2007. Throughout the report, we discuss the management systems used to monitor and collect our data and indicators. Environmental, health, and safety data include widely accepted parameters and units. Principles and policies apply to all officers and employees of Intel and its subsidiaries. Financial data is presented in U.S. dollars. Content for this report is developed through discussions with Intel stakeholders worldwide, company executives, and leading thinkers, and through feedback received throughout the year from our stakeholders.

Read the full 2007 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report.

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