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Trusted Compute Pools with Parallels - Intel Cloud Builders

Intel, Parallels Developer Cloud Infrastructure Guide

Audience and Purpose

For cloud service providers, infrastructure hosts, and enterprise IT administrators who are looking to enhance or build their public or private cloud infrastructure, the decision to use a cloud for the delivery of IT services needs to include a security strategy which protects the various layers of the deployments. This reference architecture presents a complete model of a Parallels* Trusted Compute pool deployment on Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series servers, and addresses how to establish a trusted platform on the physical server layer of a public or private cloud.

Since the creation and operation of a cloud requires integration and customization to existing IT infrastructure and business requirements, it is not expected that this paper can be used as is. For example, the adaptation to existing networks and the identification of the end-to-end security requirements are out of scope for this paper. Therefore, it is expected that the user of this paper will make appropriate adjustments to any deployments to meet specific customer security requirements, especially given the variations in threat levels and approach points that face users when they operate in a public or private cloud usage model.

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