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Novell Cloud Manager - Intel Cloud Builder Guide

Guide: Novell Cloud Manager* Reference Architecture

Cloud Design and Deployment on Intel® Platforms

Audience and Purpose

Cloud computing offers a path to greater scalability and lower costs for large enterprises, service providers, and infrastructure hosting companies. The establishment of an infrastructure that can provide such capabilities requires experience. Intel has teamed up with leading cloud vendors through the Intel® Cloud Builder Program to help customers design, deploy and manage a cloud infrastructure.

The Intel Cloud Builder Program provides a reference architecture in the form of a basic hardware blueprint with Intel-based servers running cloud software management solutions such as Novell Cloud Manager*. These cases described in this paper can be used as a baseline to build more complex usage and deployment models to suit specific customer needs.

The audience for the reference architecture is enterprise IT organizations looking to realize the revenue potential of their existing data center infrastructure and offering cloud computing services to their internal customers or users. The goal of this paper is to reduce the learning curve involved when you build and manage your first internal private cloud.

Read the full Novell Cloud Manager* Guide.

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